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Natural gas is almost 50% cheaper than Diesel


Companies that use CNG in their heavy duty fleet can expect, in some cases, almost 50% of economy in refuel due to natural gas investment in their fleet. The maintenance of trucks and buses that utilize natural gas is cheaper. With possibles crises that threaten the worlds petroleum supply and without prediction for the decrease of price, the economical advantages of natural gas become even more interesting.


Natural gas is cleaner than Diesel


The fact is that natural is much more “green” than diesel and cleaner than every other fossil fuel, with lower emission of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and Mercury particles. For fleets that operate in major cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro e Belo Horizonte, this represents a giant reduction in pollutant emission that threaten the air condition contribute to acid rain and global warming.


Natural gas is proved


Currently in the world, exist 26 million vehicles running on natural gas. According to the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles, this number should increase to 65 millions vehicles in the next 10 years, this correspond to 9 % of the worlds fleet. It is known that no other fuel could replace completely the petroleum used in heavy fleets, mas many cities already changed the fuel in their bus fleets, opting for natural gas


NGV is safe


NGV isn't toxic and have physical proprieties that make it more safe than diesel or gasoline. His range of inflammability is very limited and his ignition point is 593 °C (a higher temperature than other fuels) and this will only happens if the mixture of fuel and air is in the right range. Its important to consider that natural gas is lighter  than air  and in the event f a leak it rise and dissipates quickly. Furthermore with the addition of sulfur the smell is easy identified.

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